February 16, 2018

The mandatory traditional touch in 21st Century Weddings

The Indian weddings are all about opulent celebrations that marks the union of two families for a lifetime. Therefore, for such a big event every element has to be perfect. The newest trends in weddings are now marking the territory over setups but still some couples are opting for traditional ones. These setups reflect the beauty as well as the grandeur of the royalties in the past.

These are designed as Mughal inspired tombs as palaces which are portrayed through large super structured venues. The whole venues are adorned with regal props as well as accessories to make them look like regal setups. Even the wedding mandaps are decorated intricately to make them look like a royal wedding.

The couples who are planning to get married are now so keen on getting a Indian traditional décor which are inspired by mythological as well as Mughal era.

Here are some traditional wedding setups that will surely set up an ethereal ambiance for your royal traditional weddings.

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