Venue 07

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A beautifully-planned wedding ceremony is one of the most awaited occasions in everyone’s life as it is a major life-event. With such an important aspect under its sleeve, a marriage ceremony deserves to be brilliantly planned. So, if you have taken the onus on yourself to plan the perfect ceremony, you have reached the right place fo some amazing wedding decoration ideas.The location may or may not be the most identical, but you can still attract the attention of the visitors with these vast flower vessels placed right at the centre of each sitting arrangement. It can also be covered with appropriate drapery that can add a touch of ethnicity. There are several white chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to add brightness attractiveness to the overall look.The pillars standing in between are covered with white sculpted designs that represent the vibrancy of the different colour halogen lights. This wedding event setup truly resembles the Indian culture with traditional decorations.


Needless to say, this whole setup can be customised as per your choice. If you are obsessed with flowers, add a few more vases. You can also place decorative matkas or diyas that brings the cultural outlook.


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