Venue 01

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Decoration is an art, and not everyone turns to be good at it. It takes a lot of planning to produce something that can be admired by all.So, here you can find the same guidance that can enhance your wedding decor ideas for the approaching wedding ceremony. Starting from the top, you can find how beautifully the shining and lustrous fabric has been used with the leaves hanging from the artificial trees with decorative lights.This venue is designed beautifully with an ideal venue entrance setup, surrounded by the lights, floor lamps, and flowers on both sides. With the involvement of the decorative wallpapers, every corner of it seems to be a unique presentation in itself.The most satisfying fact about the decoration is that any corner of it can be customised so that you can get the right kind of venue you want. If you find the necessity to add more lights, you can always use the decorative lamps. If the flowers need to be minimised, it can be with the help of other decorating pieces instead.Moreover, you can also change the theme colour and go for the brighter shades, all depending on your choice.


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