Traditional Vedi KV-01

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With any approaching wedding, it is a great deal for the arranging the venue with a great creativity. It should be well decorated so that the guests and the couple don’t get annoyed. This tension makes it more difficult for the decorator to provide a perfect creativity that suits the event.With this intention, we have a few Indian wedding vedi decoration that can provide a great idea for having one of your own venue setups.With this presentation, you can have an overall idea of how to place the different decors to curve a complete decorated venue. It can provide the essence of the perfect traditional wedding decoration with the traditionally built pillars and sitting arrangements for the bride and the groom. The top has been provided with flower vines covering the area.The background is provided with a frame that can also be replaced by curtains or other hanging decors. Any customization to this decoration can be freely made as per the idea of the decorator.


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