Props P-07

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Any wedding ceremony venue could be enticed with the usage of the best props and decorative items. In fact, here you will find a wide range of fiber props for wedding decor to give the wedding venue the much-needed glitter.Speaking about this specific wedding venue prop, it looks like a well-designed and sculpted flower vase holder but would serve a lot more than that. A conventionally designed flower vase wouldn’t look as good all by itself, but this prop definitely would. You can use it all along the corners of the hall and place small flower vases on it.However, if you want to make the venue look different and not just flowery, you can place bonsai tree pots on each of them and decorate them with tuning lights. Once done, you can place them along the path on which the bride and groom would walk to enter the venue.Alternatively, you can place them adjacent to each of the tables that you lay on the dining area.


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