Props 33

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Flowers are probably the most popular mode of decoration in any traditional venue. In fact, it is one of the best wedding table props for every theme. They tend to lighten up the entire mood with their colourfulness and pleasant smell.Here you will get wholesale wedding decoration props, including the attractive flower vases. These small little flower vases are best known to entice the entire look of the wedding hall, all on its own. Place it on any table and it will stand out with its appeal.The beautiful flower vase is small and looks like a metallic finish. It is simple in design but takes the decoration to the next level with its classiness. The design is such that you can use both small as well as large flowers in it. However, since it is not very big in size, it is most suitable for tables only.Moreover, the colour of the vase is such that it will suit any colour theme of the venue, be it bright or with a reddish tinge.


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