Performance Prop 4

Performance Prop 4

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Having stage performances with dramas, dance and singing are more about being in trend in wedding ceremonies these days. However, setting up a stage show within the venue isn’t very easy because you need to make it look as attractive as the entire theme. But this prop is something that will assist you in getting things right.This prop seems to be a perfect fit for performances as it entices the stage with its charm and a very traditional designing approach. It can even be used as one of the sangeet setup props as it would act as the perfect background.The setup includes a main structure that would stand directly at the back of the performance area. Apart from this, there are also structures sitting at both sides of the stage. The total setup would look great, especially if there is a dance performance going on. Add some colourful disco lights and the stage smoke and you will have a grand concert-like theme right in front of your ey


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