Performance Prop 3

Performance Prop 3

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Many marriage ceremonies nowadays host special shows that bring up performances like dramas and dance skits. Hence, to add this special event in the ceremony, you need to have some performance props that could turn a part of the venue into a stage. There are certain props for sangeet stage, just like this one, which would look amazing if performed on.Irrespective of whether you get a high-platform stage or not, this prop would act as the perfect place to perform the special skits. It is basically a well-designed frame that makes for a very interesting viewing.

Imagine how good it would look if you had a traditionally designed structure focusing on the main performers! The people watching it would feel like they are watching a stage show within a photo frame, such is the effect of this performance prop. You can use it to entice either the complete stage or even a part of it which you want to focus on.


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