Entry Prop 17

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Bridal entry props have taken a huge leap over the years and the same can be seen in the modern day items as well. As for an example, this special bride entry concept for wedding is nothing short of glamorous each time you see it.It looks like a very traditional piece with the most appropriate setting. It is essentially on a high platform on which the bride would sit. One thing that you should know about this is that it would take a lot of space while being pulled inside the venue with its designer crescent appeal.The arc-crescent design, that forms the base of the setup, has rounded circular design embossed on it. And at the back of the bride’s chair, essentially the background holds a peacock-like design finished in metallic colour. Hence, if you look at it while the bride is sitting on it, you will get an impression of a beautiful enclosure for her.The two tips of the crescent shape can either be decorated with flowers or left alone to add a taste of classiness.


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