Chandelier 9

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A wedding is a dearly celebrated event as it brings close the family and friends. The decoration of the wedding venue thus becomes a very important part to make it successful. Here, you can find one of the best decors for the setting of the venue, the chandeliers.Looking at this chandelier, one can really feel the aura of the wedding. The traditional wedding chandelier is perfectly designed with glass strings that are cross-set and meets at the same point. The small lights are provided on the top that looks like the candle when you view it from a distance.The ceiling is completely covered with the help of the drapes that are set surrounding the frame and forming the lining for the chandeliers. These also use a very fine fabric that looks lustrous. You can provide it with ceiling curtains that give a finishing to your work.The overall look can be enhanced with other hanging decors like the vases, golden and silver balls which can customize the decoration.


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