Chandelier FC-12

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A wedding venue is a place filled with lights, flowers, scents, music and all sorts of happiness. The venue gets its perfect look with the help of decorations which is carefully planned by some decorators. These decorations are not so easy to make as it look.Just like we say, decoration takes a lot of planning, it is possible for the person to come up something new every time. Here is one of the latest decoration with the help of the hanging crystal for wedding, the chandeliers. The background has been designed perfectly to throw beauty on the night, with black covering and lights spread all over.With curtain and drapes, it has been formed a zig-zag design amidst which the beautiful crystal-finish chandeliers are hanging providing light to the hall. The strings are thick with flower covering all around.These can be customized with a different color theme of your choice. However, it would be better to go for soothing colors that don’t interrupt with the decoration of the floor.


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