November 22, 2018

Contemporary Wedding Decor Trends You Should Know

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing this for a living, as a professional. There are many factors that you might go through at the very beginning – the preference inclination of the customer, the budget and the venue location, to name a few. However, once you are done with these initial obstacles, the field is yours to exhibit the best ideas you have got. Perhaps, going the contemporary way would be the right and the most attractive way to do it. But before you bend your mind into getting the contemporary wedding setup, it is very important to know the trend that is in vogue. So, it’s time to confront the long never-ending lists and tricky decisions and extract the best that could come out of your creativity.

Here are some trends that you could incorporate in your wedding decor you plan next.

contemporary wedding concept
Concentrate on the venue

The selection of the venue is the most crucial part of the wedding setup. Most wedding venue decorators concentrate on the minor props to complete the overall venue’s outlook. However, taking care of the venue as a whole to entice the visuals, before focusing on the prop detailing, is equally important.

Hence, for the primary venue setup, try to have a dedicated theme before adding the props.

The decorative items to consider

Being marriage hall decorators, once you have come to a decisive point as to the kind of theme you would be using, the next step is to make a list of the props and designing items that you want to add. However, the decoration should be very much relevant to the overall venue.


Chandeliers are the primary and one of the most important items that can be used. It has forever been a favorite for wedding decorators and any event is incomplete without them.

You can use things like exotic Crystal butterfly or Chinese lantern-like chandeliers. But if you want to keep things simple and classy, you can consider the drapes-filled chandelier.

Buffets tables and cocktail (mocktail) bars

Buffet tables and bar counters are like the finishing touches to the entire theme. The contemporary wedding theme with a bar is on the trend, albeit with a lot of detailing. You can either choose a traditional classic-looking bar or opt for a bespoke exotic setup, much like the dimly-illuminated design with colour drapes or an under-the-open-sky approach with small chandeliers.

But don’t miss out on the biggies

Though the wedding venue setup could be rounded off with these itself, the contemporary trend calls out to the usage of stage decorations with performance props and a stage. For this, you can use a high platform or podium as the base. You can use frames for the background, where something like a Niche mirror would be apt while complementing it with amazing pillars and small chandeliers to have an enticed appeal.

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