Useful Tips for perfect Garden Wedding Decoration

The Garden Weddings are gaining so much popularity nowadays. They have become so much in as the freshness of such wedding decors never fades. The first step while planning such a wedding is choosing the perfect destination that suits the garden theme. After that is the finalization of the decors for the wedding. There is an ample […]

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Things you didn’t knew about Wedding Mandap Designs

The mandap or vedi is the central element of the wedding decorations in Hindu weddings. It’s considered the ‘sanctum sanctorum’ of the wedding rituals. Nowadays, it has become a struggle between traditional requirements and modern lifestyles. The western influence on our lifestyle and innovations have definitely impacted the natural jewels. Today, the prime highlight of […]

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How Wedding Design Hub can make wedding decorators life easier?

In this fast evolving wedding décor industry the level of decorations has reached onto new level. The elements, décor accessories as well as props that are used to add glam to a venue or a décor are now so much in demand by the venue decorators. Wedding Design Hub has emerged as an unsurpassable destination for all […]

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